Topical research

My topical work centers on innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability issues in the context of family businesses, new ventures, and otherwise privately-held SMEs. My interest in smaller firms arose from a curiosity about how seemingly disadvantaged players can remain competitive through cycles of technological and societal change, mixed with an inborn tendency to side with the ‘underdog’ in competitive settings.

Published work

Work in progress

  • “Family firms’ propensity towards NPD collaboration” – With Anita Van Gils (Maastricht University) and Martin Carree (Maastricht University).
  • “The signaling value of new venture performance in the family firm succession process” – With Alfredo De Massis (Free University of Bolzano), Philipp Sieger (University of Bern), Johan Karlsson (Jönköping International Business School) and Massimo Baù (Jönköping International Business School)
  • “Small firms’ greening strategies and the institutional environment” – With Yannick Bammens (Maastricht University).
  • “Stakeholder orientations and sustainability strategies in family firms” – With Emanuela Rondi (University of Bergamo)
  • “What sets the price of an entrepreneur’s vision?” – With Sylvia Hübner (Free University of Bolzano) and Michele Pinelli (Ca Foscari University of Venice)